[Padma] Problems in ttf to otf convertions

Nagarjuna Venna vnagarjuna at gmail.com
Thu May 24 08:08:29 PDT 2007


I presume this is primarily meant for Sunil, but I will address a
couple of questions.

On 5/24/07, kinshul at students.iiit.ac.in <kinshul at students.iiit.ac.in> wrote:
> These, I understand, are mappings of Devanagari codepoints to variables in
> padma class. I didnt much understand the its need (the mappings could have
> been directly btw devanagari codepoints and variables representing the
> glyphs in the proprietary ttf file for which the conversion is being
> done), but i was told in the last meeting that it is required for proper
> functioning of padma.

You are right that the mapping can be done directly but the main
reason for going through an intermediate stage is to enable some cool
applications. For example, you can now have Dainik Bhaskar rendered in
Malayalam if I can understand Hindi, but can't read the Devanagari
script. It also provides a simple mechanism to do the much maligned
reverse mapping (from Unicode back to any proprietary font).

> Then we have a function "BEJA.toPadma = new Object();", which maps these
> padma variables to the corresponding padma variables. It has statements of
> the type:
> BEJA.toPadma[BEJA.vowel_A]    = Padma.vowel_A;
> ''
> BEJA.toPadma[BEJA.consnt_KA]    = Padma.consnt_KA;
> ..
> BEJA.toPadma[BEJA.halffm_KA]   = Padma.halffm_KA;   **********
> ..
> BEJA.toPadma[BEJA.halffm_CC]   = Padma.halffm_CA + Padma.halffm_CA;
> ..
> BEJA.toPadma[BEJA.conjct_KK]     = Padma.consnt_KA + Padma.vattu_KA; +++++++

See Devanagari.initialize().


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