[Padma] online web editor for indian languages

Krishna Mohan Gundu gkmohan at gmail.com
Sun May 20 08:43:50 PDT 2007

Dear Dr. Ramamurthy,

>  dear . Mr.krishna mohan,
>  I take back some of the  comments i made  on indiword  web page about
> duplicating efforts.
>   congratulations on a good and useful soft ware.

I have replied to your comment in the forum.

>  is it possible for you to add reverse transliteration for  any language
>  I am interested in telugu/hindi/maraTi  reverse transliteration
>  mangal/arial unicode / potana  /gautami fonts .

Yes it is possible.

>  i am working on  modifying an english speech recognition engine to work
> with  some indian languages .
>  in this connection i need to convert a large amount of test and word lists
> to RIT and inscripts from  the  original script .

That's great. I presume the 'original script' you are talking about is
Unicode. If so, what is the advantage of accessing the wordlists in
RTS/INSCRIPT over Unicode. I think it makes more sense to convert them
to IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) for your purpose. There is a
text to speech software made available by indlinux project. You should
be able to use their wordlists directly.

Krishna Mohan.

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