[Padma] How to manually transform a page by Padma?

V S Rawat vsrawat at gmail.com
Sat May 12 08:34:35 PDT 2007

The following reply reached directly to me and probably didn't reach the 
list, hence quoting the same with my comments inline so that it helps all.

On 5/12/2007 07:52 PM India Time, _Padma_ wrote:

> I suggested the thunderbird solution , NOT to convert the existing 
> messages that might not be tagged properly.
> If you follow the method,
> Insert html
> <font......
> </font>
> as I suggested in my previous mail, it should work ...
> If you see the question mark junk, it will not work. If you see the 
> normal western junk or the original text (if font is installed), it will 
> work.

you are right. I could see the logic. with plain text, padma code is not 
able to know what font it is written in.

well, I wrote those html codes its in the plain text font, and tried to 
convert and it didn't work.

Then, instead of composing in plain text, I composed in HTML, and 
changed the font of those letters itself to Chanakya. As chanakya is 
installed in my pc, those become visible in hindi.

Then I saved that mail through sent later, and in unsent messages 
folder, tried to transform manually to unicode

It worked. the chankya coded part got transformed to Unicode

Thanks, I could understand how to make it work.

Hope you could incorporate enough error messages and guidelines in 
future versions of padam for people like me.

> Regards


> V S Rawat wrote:
>> Something is wrong with the solution.
>> I am not talking firebox, but only about thunderbird 2.0.
>> the mail to which I am replying was encoded in unicode, but I changed 
>> the encoding manually to Western (ISO-8859-1), Western (Windows 1252), 
>> Western (ISO-8859-15) (all those were available in the menu dropdown 
>> for the encoding). Then I selected the following Chankya text and 
>> tried manual transform to unicode.
>> Nothing happened in either of the three attempts.
>> Is there any particular western encoding that would work?
>> or once the encoding becomes unicode, manually changing it to western 
>> won't work at all as the characters have already been changed.
>> thanks

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