[Padma] How to manually transform a page by Padma?

V S Rawat vsrawat at gmail.com
Wed May 9 22:13:03 PDT 2007

On 5/10/2007 09:27 AM India Time, _V S Rawat_ wrote:

> On 5/10/2007 03:01 AM India Time, _Nagarjuna Venna_ wrote:
>> Not sure what are doing wrong. I saved your HTML locally and after
>> selecting the transfrom to unicode option, here is what I have -
>> कार्ड टाईप क्रेडिट कार्ड नंबर कार्ड प्राप्तकरता का नाम समाप्ति तारीख
>> Thanks
> While padma extension is not giving me for the time being what I want, 
> is there any web interface where I can go and get my conversions done?
> or any standalone program that I can download and run independent of 
> firefox to get my text converted.
> Dear Nagarjuna!
> If I send you the text in a file, could you be kind enough and take the 
> trouble for me to please transform the text using padma in your firefox 
> and send me back the converted file?
> thanks.

This is the post I sent to firefox newsgroup.

There had been some other queries related to how to handling profiles 
and requirements of some buttons which are not related to this ml, hence 
I have trimmed that, thereby posting relevant things for this ml here.

----Quoted mail (trimmed) start

I thought to try padma with a new empty profile, so I just renamed my 
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application

to something else.

firefox started. it created a new profile.ini which must be having a new 
empty profile created somewhere.

I installed padma extension.


the extension could do on my file what I desired.

that means
- padma is not having any clash with other extensions otherwise it would 
have worked when the extensions were disabled.

- padma is not clashing with basic firefox that is provided by mozilla.

- padma is clashing with something in my profile settings of firefox. 
Now that is really problematic to debug.

Thought I should share the entire story so that other users can make a 
mental note about it if they don't find desired behavior in ff.

------end quoted mail

My problem is solved as I can process my files now.

however, I think padma veterans should check why padma works in an empty 
profile and doesn't work after some (which???) settings are changed by 
the users.

While we are at it, padma "options" from firefox don't have any entry of 
which "fonts" are converted by padma. We need to go to padma's websites 
to see which fonts are getting coverted. I think it should display some 
list of the fonts being converted by padma, within firefox add-on/ padma 
options, about window itself.

Thanks & Regards.

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