[Padma] How to manually transform a page by Padma?

V S Rawat vsrawat at gmail.com
Wed May 9 20:49:33 PDT 2007

what you got in converted code is correct.

My Padma version 0.4.9
Enable Auto Transform is ticked
Fix Character Encoding is ticked
All Scripts and All Schemes are ticked

I disabled all my extensions other than padma, and restarted so that 
only padma was active, but it didn't happen. I was worried whether 
"NoSCript" extension could be hindering it, but disabling that at all, 
and allowing scripts globally also didn't help.

I uninstalled padma and reinstalled it from mozdev site, restarted 
firefox but it didn't happen.

My firefox is,
javascript is on
java is off.

could you please suggest what more should I explore to make it work.

Thanks and regards.

On 5/10/2007 03:01 AM India Time, _Nagarjuna Venna_ wrote:

> Not sure what are doing wrong. I saved your HTML locally and after
> selecting the transfrom to unicode option, here is what I have -
> कार्ड टाईप क्रेडिट कार्ड नंबर कार्ड प्राप्तकरता का नाम समाप्ति तारीख
> Thanks
> On 5/9/07, V S Rawat <vsrawat at gmail.com> wrote:
>> thanks, Nagarjuna for the quick response.
>> just clicking right click on the page bring right click menu in which no
>> padma related option is there.
>> so I selected the entire text of the page, and then selected "Transform
>> to Unicode".
>> Nothing happened.
>> Is something wrong in the html that I cooked up manually. attaching the
>> file there for your analysis.
>> if attachments are not allowed, then the html code is in the previous
>> message quoted below.
>> Kindly have a look at it and advise me why this code is not triggering
>> the manual transform to unicode.
>> thanks and regards.
>> --
>> Rawat
>> On 5/9/2007 08:04 PM India Time, _Nagarjuna Venna_ wrote:
>>> Automatic transform works by examining URL's. The main reason for this
>>> is not to slow down loading of pages that Padma does not know how to
>>> process. You can use the manual transformer here - select the text,
>>> bring up the context menu (right click typically), and click on
>>> Transform to Unicode.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Nagarjuna
>>> On 5/9/07, V S Rawat <vsrawat at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> I have created a local html file in Chanakya font (hindi/ devnagari) as
>>>> follows:
>>>> <html><head><title>none</title></head>
>>>> <body><font face="Chanakya">
>>>> ·¤æÇüU ÅUæ§üÂ
>>>> ·ýðçÇUÅU ·¤æÇüU Ù¢ÕÚU
>>>> ·¤æÇüU Âýæ#·¤ÚUÌæ ·¤æ Ùæ×
>>>> â×æç# ÌæÚUè¹
>>>> </font>
>>>> </body>
>>>> </html>
>>>> when I move this file say chankaya.html into my firefox tab, it shows
>>>> �����U �U��� �����U�U �����U ٢��U �����U ���#���U�� ��� ��� ����# ���U�
>>>> 1. Why is automatic transformation not taking place?
>>>> 2. How to force-transform it?
>>>> 3. this is a local file on my hard disk, so I can't associate any url/
>>>> site name with it (no www.xxxx.com). What should I do and what should I
>>>> for such files in the padma options window to automatically transform
>>>> any particular file on my harddisk?
>>>> any other tips.
>>>> has some urgency. a quick response will be highly appreciated.
>>>> thanks & regards.
>>>> --
>>>> Rawat

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