Kinshul Verma kinshul20 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 02:55:36 PDT 2007

I have finished the font convertor script for SHREE-PUDHARI font. However,
there are four  junk characters that I have not been able to remove. The
page is flooded with '$' and '>' signs. '$' sign appears mostly with the
devanagari consonant KA and '>' appears between words. Both these characters
map to empty boxes Pudhari.ttf font file. Another junk character is  'Î' ,
which maps to a combination of hexadecimal values , one of which yields a
character which does not make sense in the word where it occurs, and the
other is mapped to nothing in the SHREE-PUDHARI font file.  'ã' is another
junk character which maps to two devanagari charcaters which do not make
sense when subsituted appropriately in the word where this junk character
occurs. I have attached the .js script. The url of the website which uses
this SHREE-PUDHARI font is www.pudhari.com. The corresponding ttf font file
can be downloaded from the following link.


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