[Padma] Padma menus and website content updations

V S Rawat vsrawat at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 09:30:13 PDT 2007

On 7/7/2007 07:18 PM India Time, _Nagarjuna Venna_ wrote:

> You are welcome to write a manual. I just don't have the cycles to do
> it. I agree with your arguments in general and it is unfortunate that
> no one can do it.

OK. I will make a manual sort of thing depending on what I understand 
about the working of padma and send that to this list. Members can 
suggest what more needs to be included.

>> If a user has specifically selected some Padma related option, then
>> trust that user is right and it is padma which could not find something
>> that it was looking for.
> That's a philosophical point.


> All these are well known bugs in ITRANS transformer. No one really
> uses it, so they never got fixed. I really need help in fixing this
> stuff - so I would appreciate any help.

OK. I hope that in the process of preparing a manual, such issues will 
get discussed upon and would get sorted out.

I have made conversion maps of several fonts and I wanted to add them to 
Padma, but whenever started looking into padma.jar, the thing seemed 
complicated to me and I stopped. Hope this time I would go ahead to some 

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