[Padma] Padma menus and website content updations

Nagarjuna Venna vnagarjuna at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 06:57:24 PDT 2007

As I mentioned in the previous mail, Padma does two completely
different things and you are mixing the two up. The auto
transformation is *only* for pages that have dynamic fonts, the page
you refer to has no dynamic fonts and so no there is nothing to do.
You have to use the manual transformer whenever you want to transform
from transliteration schemes. I agree things like these need to go
into a manual or help page.

> 9.
> Please provide option to edit a site that we have already entered. That
> will surely help if we just want to change the Script for a site.

You can right click on a site and change the output script. That is
the only option provided because that is the only thing that makes
sense there. You may want to fix any typos instead of typing the whole
thing again if you made a mistake with the URL and will be a good

> 10.
> ok. I removed the site, re-entered it, and this time went into the
> Script options box.
> What exactly is script and what is meant by Default?

Script list allows you to choose the script to which you want the
dynamic font in the pages for that URL to be transformed. Default says
do the regular transform - Eenadu pages are in Telugu, Dainik Bhaskar
is in Devanagari etc. If you want to read Bhaskar in Malayalam, you
will pick it there.

> There is no itrans or unicode entries in that box though I wonder
> whether these two could be called script.

As I explanied above, it makes no sense to have them here.

> now, suppose there is a PLAIN TEXT page in shusha and I want that to be
> transformed to Unicode, what should I add there? It would have no tags
> to tell padma the source, but I know that the website uses Shusha and
> padma does have methods to transform Shusha to Unicode. So, how can I
> tell padma not to look for any tags/ encodings of this page and go ahead
>  transform whatever contents are there into unicode, assuming that it
> is in Shusha.

You have to do this manually.


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