[Padma] Padma menus and website content updations

V S Rawat vsrawat at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 22:37:05 PDT 2007

Some more things.

If padma needs some specific encoding or specific script to trigger the 
transformation, why doesn't padma define some tags for such encodings 
and scripts and codify auto-transform on the basis of that.

Please see. encoding is a browser default that we set once and forget. 
We can't define encoding for each site/ page, nor does browser remembers 
if we had previously set some encoding for some site/page. hence, it is 
not convenient if padma gets triggerred on some particular encodings.

Maybe padma could give option to users to create the site/page - 
encoding combinations in padma's options so that auto-transformation 
gets triggered if the site matches padma's site list and padma can know 
the encoding from what padma has saved.

Similarly padma can define tags like <ITRANS></ITRANS> and 
auto-transforms pages where these tags are encountered.

Websites who find it helpful to have their contents auto-transformed 
through padma might start following it.

And, even if websites don't follow it, padma has grown beyond websites 
and people are (at least I am) using padma to convert things to Unicode 
by creating html pages, including source text that needs to be 
converted. Then I load that in browser and padma should auto transform 
it. I will surely use padma defined tags if it helps me in getting what 
I want.

I am even ready to use a <PADMA> </PADMA> tag in the pages that I create 
for transformation if it helps me.

please give it a thought.

And, why use that hi-fi word TRANSFORM. The net standard for such things 
is CONVERT. :-) But no problem, I can live with it.

Thanks for your patience.

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