[Padma] Padma menus and website content updations

V S Rawat vsrawat at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 21:58:56 PDT 2007

http://padma.mozdev.org/ site says:
"Padma can automatically transform web pages that use the above dynamic 
font schemes to Unicode. Configuration can be done by clicking on 
Tools-> *Extensions* ->Padma."

Now that FF and TB both had changed their nomenclature, please change 
the word *Extensions* to *Add-ons*

It is odd that Padma doesn't have any direct entry in Tools menu 
dropdown. We necessarily have to into Add-ons window that takes time in 
opening and then in searching Padma in it.

If it is not too difficult to incorporate, I feel that it will be 
helpful to have a Padma group in the Tools menu dropdown. Main options 
can be given in a subgroup of it, especially the padma Options. And also 
the manual transform settings which are currently accessible only 
through right click menu.

Rightclick menu directly lists all the selected settings of padma and it 
could go very, very long if a person has selected all or most of the 
settings. It would help if rightclick menu rather has a padma group and 
the settings of padma are clubbed as a subgroup of that.

4. I went to http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~navin/india/songs/isongs/1/158.html

that has a hindi song written in itrans (mentioned later below). I 
selected the itrans part, rightclicked, and clicked on "Transform to 

Nothing happened.

Can't we transform ITRANS directly to unicode? Why?

or is the transformation looking for some tags or Encoding setting that 
is not there in this part? What are they?

I couldn't find any mention of such tags or encoding on padma page. The 
page just reads:
"Padma's manual transformer is accessible whenever the context menu is 
launched after selecting a region in the page (typically by a right 
click). This menu is also configurable from the options window. 
Configurable options include schemes (RTS, ITRANS, ISCII), TSCII, TAB, 
TAM and scripts (Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Devanagari, Gujarati and 
Kannada). One menu item - 'Transform to Unicode' is always displayed. 
The selection can span arbitrary page elements."

Last month also, I had faced a problem in conversion of a page that was 
solved by discussion here that some encodings needed to be changed. But, 
I do not find that mentioned on the page. Hope that is updated at proper 
place in the website so that new people can do it and don't have to 
access the mailing list. You would realize that most of the people who 
face a problem just leave the extension and don't bother to locate, 
become member, access mailing lists.

5. I need to convert the itrans part of the above to Unicode. Manually, 
because I also want to see the english itrans part. How to convert from 
itrans to unicode using padma?

6. If we are specifically selecting some Padma related option, and Padma 
doesn't find anything to work upon, it should display a message window 
saying that what it was looking for and what it didn't found (tag, font, 
encodings) and should also suggest some minimum things how to rectify 
that. Maybe give a link to help or webpage where that "nothing happens" 
is discussed.

If a user has specifically selected some Padma related option, then 
trust that user is right and it is padma which could not find something 
that it was looking for.

7. I selected the itrans part in the above page and clicked itrans to 
devnagari. It worked. giving the itrans and devnagari lines together 
with my comments in "---":

aaj puraanii raaho.n se, koI mujhe aavaaz na de
आज् पुरानी राहॊं सॆ, कॊई मुझॆ आवाऴ् न दॆ

--- in above, there should not be any halanth with j in aaj. itrans 
allows to remove one ending a. so there is no need to write it aaja but 
aaj is sufficient.

--- in above, z in aavaaz should convert not to that letter but to urdu 
z with a nukta.

dard me.n Duube giit na de, gam kaa sisakataa saaz na de
दर्द् मॆं डूबॆ गीत् न दॆ, गम् का सिसकता साऴ् न दॆ

biite dino.n kii yaad thii jiname.n, mai.n vo taraane bhuul chukaa
बीतॆ दिनॊं की याद् थी जिनमॆं, मैं वॊ तरानॆ भूल् चुका

aaj na_ii ma.nzil hai merii, kal ke Thikaane bhuul chukaa
आज् न_ई मंऴिल् है मॆरी, कल् कॆ ठिकानॆ भूल् चुका

--- "_" underscore is the allowed "breaker" in itrans. it means that 
previous set of syllables have ended and new have started. thus it 
should not be retained or transliterated. rather it should reset the 
itransliteration. (otherwsie "naii" would have got interpreted as nai_i 
as itrans rule is to take the longest valid string)

na vo dil na sanam, na vo diin-dharam, ab duur huu.N saare gunaaho.n se
न वॊ दिल् न सनम्, न वॊ दीन्-धरम्, अब् दूर् हूँ सारॆ गुनाहॊं सॆ

jiivan badalaa duniyaa badalii, man ko anokhaa GYaan milaa
जीवन् बदला दुनिया बदली, मन् कॊ अनॊखा ज्ञान् मिला
aaj mujhe apane hii dil me.n, ek nayaa inasaan milaa
आज् मुझॆ अपनॆ ही दिल् मॆं, ऎक् नया इनसान् मिला

--- that is wrong ऎ for e. e, as per itrans is without that maatra.

pahu.Nchaa huu.N vahaa.N, nahii.n duur jahaa.N, bhagavaan kii nek 
nigaaho.n se
पहुँचा हूँ वहाँ, नहीं दूर् जहाँ, भगवान् की नॆक् निगाहॊं सॆ

TuuT chuke sab pyaar ke ba.ndhan, aaj koii za.njiir nahii.n
टूट् चुकॆ सब् प्यार् कॆ बंधन्, आज् कॊई ऴंजीर् नहीं
shiishaa-e-dil me.n aramaano.n kii, aaj koii tasviir nahii.n
शीशा-ऎ-दिल् मॆं अरमानॊं की, आज् कॊई तस्वीर् नहीं
ab shaad huu.N mai.n, aazaad huu.N mai.n, kuchh kaam nahii.n hai aaho.n se
अब् शाद् हूँ मैं, आऴाद् हूँ मैं, कुछ् काम् नहीं है आहॊं सॆ

same errors get repeated several times.

It is a long mail. Hope you would spare your precious time to have a 
look at it.

Thanks for a wonderful extension.

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