[Padma] Automatic transliteration

Sankaranarayanan KV kvsankar at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 10:53:15 PST 2007


I am a new user of Padma. I understand that I can enter
text a browser text field (such as "padma"), select the text,
and transliterate into an Indian language (say to, പദ്മ in Malayalam).
I would like to know if this transliteration can be done
automatically. That is, I enable or turn on this feature
before I type some text in the ITRANS way and as I type,
the text gets converted. I disable once I am done.

One use case of such a feature could be when
I am composing mails in the browser. At present
I use Baraha or Varamozhi which requires a client


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