[Padma] how to adding Satluj for Gurmukhi

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I guess, Gurmukhi support is not yet present in Padma. So you also need
to have the encoding file, Gurmukhi.js. Ideal way to start would be to modify
Padma's code to accommodate Gurmukhi and its fonts.

However, if you are not that familiar with its code, then you may start just
by replacing one of the existing language and pretending it to be another
name of Gurmukhi :-) So that you can start working directly on Gurmukhi
and Satluj font without having to worry about modifying Padma's code :-)
Once you are done with it then you can send the files to the developers
for adding them to the official version!!

Let me try to write a mini-howto for the second way! Padma fellows, please
feel free to correct, add or make comments on these.

1) Install the latest Padma (v 0.4.10) and add the url of the website
that you mentioned to the list of "Enable Auto Transform" in the
Padma preference.

2)Enter the FF's Padma extensions directory. It could be like

3) Then enter a directory named "chrome". You should
find a file name "padma.jar" inside it. Its a zipped file, so use the command
"unzip padma.jar". It should create a directory named "content" there.
You need to get down further this directory but before that make sure
FF reads the changes that your are going to make. For this follow the next step.

4) In the previous directory where you found the directory "chrome",
you should also
find a file named "chrome.manifest". In this file, replace the line containing

"content padma   jar:chrome/padma.jar!/content/"
"content padma  chrome/content/"

Above tells FF to read from the content directory where you are
going to make changes and not from the original zipped archive.

Now you decide which language you are going to replace. I would
suggest that for Gurmukhi you replace some Sanskrit based language
such as Bengali, Devanagari.., as mostly they have the same
letters as Gurmukhi. It will greatly reduce your workload :-)

5) Next get down the directory ..say "chrome/content/encodings/Bengali"
Edit the unicode encoding. For example replace..

Bengali.codePoints.letter_KA   = "\u0995";
Bengali.codePoints.letter_KA   = "\u0A15";

Please note, only the value needs to be changed not the
name of variables.

6) Now choose a font file say "Aabpbengali.js" in the same
directory. First replace font name

Aabpbengali.fontFace     = "Aabpbengali";
Aabpbengali.displayName  = "Aabpbengali";


Aabpbengali.fontFace     = "Satluj";
Aabpbengali.displayName  = "Satluj";

Then replace the font encoding

Aabpbengali.consnt_KA      = "\u0063";
Aabpbengali.consnt_KA      = "\uxxxx";

Here xxxx is the value for the KA in the Satluj font. By now,
you should see Gurmukhi stuffs (though random!!) in Firefox
(needs to be restarted after every change) if you visit


Above are tentative steps for get going. However you can follow
what suit best to you. Finally, before sending the file to the maintainer
you can do a global substitution of "Bengali" by "Gurmukhi" and
"Aabpbengali" by "Satluj" :-)


On 1/2/07, A S Alam <apbrar at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Team
> I want to add support for Gurmukhi Script for Punjabi.
> following is Punjabi Very famous new paper, which is using Satluj fonts.
> http://www.ajitjalandhar.com/
> I made script for Satluj.js, but not able to use for this site
> can somebody please help me regarding this?
> thanks
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> A S Alam
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