[Padma] Report of workshop on Font Encoding Converters

Harshita harshita at atc.tcs.com
Wed Apr 11 06:52:39 PDT 2007

Hi all,

A workshop on Font Encoding Converters was held on 6th April, 2007.

Outline of the workshop proceedings:

* Introduction to font encoding problem
* Introduction on Padma Firefox extension (http://padma.mozdev.org)
* Status of converters available in Padma (about 40 font families
* Unicode Convertion Gateway (http://uni.medhas.org and
* Discussion on the reverse engineering techniques applied to design a
new converter
* Introduction to Punjabi font converters developed by Gurpreet Lehal
(about 40 font families covering 120 fonts)

A discussion on future course of action lead to the following TODO list:

* Setup central place for hosting software, documentation and
collaborating effort
* Documentation for existing font encoding converters
* Documenting the list of font families and unsupported
* Create a database of font to font family mappings
* Create standard forms that can be filled by a typical user to help
create font converter easily (possibly with a gui tool) 
* Create a C/C++ api
* Create test documents to verify each converter
* Explore OpenOffice integration
* Develop more converters:
** Bengali: Bangsee Alpona, SolaimanLipi, Prothoma Adarshlipiexp, likhan
** Tamil: amudham, shree-tam-0802, tmnews, lt-tm-barani, webtamil,
** Gujarati: Govinda, Surya, Divya
** Oriya: OR-TTSarala
** Malayalam: Shree-mal-0502,
** Devanagari: webdunia, yogeshweb, shree704, sushreeMJ, Boisakhi,
Rupali, Satyajit, Shree-dev-0714, Shree-pudhari, MilleniumVarunWeb,
Manjusha, ITRDeshdut
** Others: guruLipi, AnmolLipi

TCS team working on Telugu GNU/Linux localisation and IIIT Hydearabad
have decided to contribute efforts to fulfil the tasks at hand.


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