[Padma] Feature request: IAST / National Library at Calcutta Romanization

Ossi Viljakainen ossi.viljakainen at iki.fi
Fri Sep 29 23:34:19 EDT 2006

Dear Padma developers,

Thank you very much for this great tool. It really helps in many places and
saves one from nervous breakdown with the dozens of different font schemes.

Please include option for IAST (or NLCR) transliteration. This would help
the life of many people of non-indic origin make Padma even more usable. For
instance many spiritual seekers are looking for bhajans, kirtans, sutras and
slokas in the net, but are not able to read devanagari. This functionality
in Padma would be greatly appreciated.

For instance:
Devanagari to IAST
Tamil to IAST

Kind regards,

-Ossi Viljakainen +358-44-510 5674 (mobile)
ossi.viljakainen at iki.fi
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