[Padma] Does not work on madhyamamonline.com any more..

Nagarjuna Venna vnagarjuna at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 15:12:12 EDT 2006

It seems to me that they have made a simple name change. I will send
you guys a XPI in a separate mail so that I won't hit everybody on
this list with a big attachment. If it is a name change, I guess we
will need a long term fix so that we don't have to release a new
version each time something like this happens. I will release a new
version with support for that in a week or so.


On 6/21/06, Nagarjuna Venna <vnagarjuna at gmail.com> wrote:
> I will create a new XPI with the new font name and send it to you guys
> to do a quick test. Give me a day or so. I suppose going forward we
> need a way to do this automatically.
> Thanks,
> nagarjuna
> On 6/21/06, Padma <padma at kodungallur.in> wrote:
> > <<
> >
> > It looks like they changed at least the font name - it is now called
> > Panchami. Does anyone know if they have also changed the font mapping?
> > One easy way to check is to see if they have archives and if they also
> > don't work with Padma. If it is just that, we can easily add support
> > for the new "font name". Can you figure out what kind of a change it
> > is?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > nagarjuna
> >
> > >>
> >
> >
> > The archives in their site also not working with Padma. So a font name change might do the trick.
> >
> >
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