[Padma] Font Conversion problem

Nagarjuna Venna vnagarjuna at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 16:00:34 EDT 2006


The Shree Lipi Hindi fonts are currently not supported in Padma. I can
add it in a future release if you can let me know what websites use
this font and where I can get the font details. I will also be happy
to adapt code done by others to Padma (after figuring out the
appropriate licenses).


On 7/5/06, V S Rawat <vsrawat at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/5/2006 5:55 PM India Time, _Hindi Media_ wrote:
> > Dear Sir
> >
> > I have some Hindi files in Shree Dev Hindi fonts, I want to convert all
> > the files in Unicode fonts.
> >
> > I have gone through your site but I have not found any option regarding
> > Shree Dev Hindi fonts conversion.
> >
> > Can you give me a link or suggestion how I can conver Shreelipi fonts in
> > Unicode?
> >
> > Chandrakant Joshi
> > Mumbai
> Dear Joshi ji,
> I am a member of this mailing list.
> I have developed my own Perl based program that currently converts
> Shree907, Shusha and Arjun fonts to Unicode. I am further working on
> converting Webdunia, Jagran, Bhaskar and Krutidev fonts to Unicode.
> The basic logic of program remains the same and is already working. I
> have only to develop character maps from that font to unicode and it
> will work.
> If you can trust me enough to send one actual file of text that you want
> to convert, then I would convert to see whether it is working
> satisfactorily.
> Which exact Shree Dev font is your document in? if that font is not
> there in the adobe atm pack shree 1.0 that I have, then I would be
> needing that font file from you, or some url from where I can download it.
> And, it will be totally free of charge.
> ----------
> I request Padma list admin also to kindly make a note of the same, and
> utilize my programs. I am happily using padma in my firefox 1.5, so I
> think I should add my humble efforts in this great task.
> Thanks.
> --
> Rawat
> Indore, MP, INDIA
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