[Padma] Font Conversion problem

V S Rawat vsrawat at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 22:31:25 EDT 2006

On 7/5/2006 5:55 PM India Time, _Hindi Media_ wrote:

> Dear Sir
> I have some Hindi files in Shree Dev Hindi fonts, I want to convert all 
> the files in Unicode fonts.
> I have gone through your site but I have not found any option regarding 
> Shree Dev Hindi fonts conversion.
> Can you give me a link or suggestion how I can conver Shreelipi fonts in 
> Unicode?
> Chandrakant Joshi
> Mumbai

Dear Joshi ji,

I am a member of this mailing list.

I have developed my own Perl based program that currently converts 
Shree907, Shusha and Arjun fonts to Unicode. I am further working on 
converting Webdunia, Jagran, Bhaskar and Krutidev fonts to Unicode.

The basic logic of program remains the same and is already working. I 
have only to develop character maps from that font to unicode and it 
will work.

If you can trust me enough to send one actual file of text that you want 
to convert, then I would convert to see whether it is working 

Which exact Shree Dev font is your document in? if that font is not 
there in the adobe atm pack shree 1.0 that I have, then I would be 
needing that font file from you, or some url from where I can download it.

And, it will be totally free of charge.

I request Padma list admin also to kindly make a note of the same, and 
utilize my programs. I am happily using padma in my firefox 1.5, so I 
think I should add my humble efforts in this great task.

Indore, MP, INDIA

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