[Padma] padma and Thunderbird

V S Rawat vsrawat at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 21:44:46 EDT 2006

How does padma extension work in TB 1.5?

Under UPDATE, it asks us to add "sites" that we want padma to work on. 
There is no meaning of websites as such in a mailreader. It should be 
domain name.

Also, when I select "Devnagari" under scripts, and "ITRANS" in schemes 
in manula transform settings, I get a rightclick option "transform TAB 
to Tamil". Where does this TAB and TAMIL coming from?

There is a hindi-forum at yahoogroups.com mailing lists whose most of the 
mails are coming messed on account of character encoding. They are 
correctly written in unicode devnagari but their encoding becomes 
western iso-8859-1 thus appears as junk. We need to manually change it 
to unicode utf-8 then the mail appears in correct unicode devnagari.

how to automatically correct such encodings for such specific mailing 
lists in Thunderbird?

while we are at it, please give option to sort the list of sitenames in 
"update". The sites are currently appearing in the order they are added, 
and it takes a long time to vade through the list trying to find whether 
a site is there or not.


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