[Padma] ISCII input support

Nagarjuna Venna vnagarjuna at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 13 16:29:17 EDT 2005

Hi Ravi,

It should be straightforward to add it because I'm
told Unicode is based on an older standard of ISCII.
Do you know where I can get a specification for this?
I remember looking for it, but I don't think I found
any satisfactory specs.


--- Ravi Vyzasatya <vyzasatya at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Nagarjuna,
> Is it possible to have ISCII input support in padma.
> I know we all are for 
> Unicode!!! But having a ISCII to Unicode conversion
> feature rocks and help 
> us to convert lot of the stuff into Unicode.
> esp the two telugu online dictionaries are in ISCII
> only..too bad.
> Thanks
> Ravi Vyzastya
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