[Numberedlinks] Announcing numberedlinks 0.9

Stefan Hajnoczi stefanha at gmail.com
Mon May 15 23:59:09 EDT 2006

numberedlinks 0.9

What's new?
o Firefox 1.5 support
o Simulated mouse events for event handlers and frame targets
o DHTML page support
o per-tab enable state
o generate numbered links in event source window, not current window
o Firefox 1.0.3 is the minimum supported version due to security reasons

This release is a badly needed update which aims to make numberedlinks usable
again for current Firefox versions.  Better script support should make
navigation possible even on pages which depend on Javascript in order to
work correctly.

Current limitations
o Frames support is incomplete
o Not all relevant HTML 4.0 tags get numbered links
o GMail only works in basic HTML mode.  Probably DHTML or frames related
o Numbered links only generated after page has fully loaded

Please post bug reports including your Firefox version to the mailing list
numberedlinks at mozdev.org.  Comments and suggestions are also welcome and should
be sent to the mailing list.

When posting broken sites or bug reports, please show the exact URL or dissect
the HTML until the part which reproduces the bug is isolated, when possible.
Patches are gratefully accepted.


Mirrors should sync within the next few hours.  If you cannot find a mirror
that works, use CVS to checkout downloads/numberedlinks-0.9.xpi.  See
http://numberedlinks.mozdev.org/source.html for more information on CVS.

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