[Locallink] Suggestion

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber+mozdevnews at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 15 08:56:05 PDT 2010

Mike venit, vidit, dixit 12.03.2010 12:53:
> Hi,
> This product would be far more usable if you adopted the ability to add
> 'allowed', which would mean merely clicking on the file:// link would
> open the file WITHOUT the need for right clicking, which is rather
> tedious and doesn't flow from a user interface perspective, or at least
> for me it doesn't.
> So for example if I'm within a domain, say netvibes.com
> <http://netvibes.com> and there is a file:// which links to a file on my
> computer then I want the file to load.

Please see the website for this FAQ and the reason why I won't add a
feature like that.


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