[Locallink] LocalLink and mailto: ?

Michael J Gruber locallink-owner at mozdev.org
Fri Oct 23 00:37:58 PDT 2009

Scott Edmondson venit, vidit, dixit 30.05.2009 06:24:
> Hi,
> Do you have any plans for LocalLink to support "mailto:" links as
> well as "file:" links?
> With or without the LocalLink add-on, I continue to receive the 
> following error in addition to two others when I try to open mailto: 
> links in FireFox:
> Security Error: Content at http://spreadsheets.google.com/
> /...snip.../ may not load or link to mailto:robnade%40andsoft.co.nz.

This appears to be unrelated. Usually, Firefox passes mailto: links to
the standard mail application if everything is configured properly
(which it should be by default). Does it work for e-mail addresses
without escapes (%40)?


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