[Locallink] info required

Michael J Gruber locallink-owner at mozdev.org
Fri Oct 23 00:35:03 PDT 2009

Dario Monfrino venit, vidit, dixit 20.10.2009 18:21:
> Hi all, my need is to open a folder (file://///xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/somedir
> <file:///\\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\somedir>) and to browse content and copy
> files to/from, it works from within IE but I need to have it working
> also from Firefox (I have 3.5 installed) and need to have it working
>  also from Mac os
> Well I’ve looked around and found locallink addon , downloaded and
> installed but same as before there is anyone who can help me ? I have FF
> 3.5 installed on vista business.

Can you describe in more details what steps you're taking? Do you have
that link in an HTML file served over http? Do you right click on that
link? Does anything show up in the error console?


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