[Locallink] Local file link problems

Michael J Gruber locallink-owner at mozdev.org
Fri May 25 04:00:59 PDT 2007

kanda.rose at tesco.net venit, vidit, dixit 22.05.2007 17:28:
> I have been trying to implement Zilverline (index and search on a web

Install, not implement, I assume?

> site) but consistently fail to be able to open a local document
> (File:/// etc.....)by clicking on a retrieved URL.
> I am running Mozilla Firefox Tomcat 6.0.13 JVM 1.6.0_01-B06 
> XP  Home Sp2
> I tried installing the Locallink extension but this had no effect. I
> have also changed 'security checkload uri 'to false in about:config
> at the suggestion of the Zilverline developer (also with no effect).

That preference has (intentionally) no effect in FF 1.5 and above.

> I am able to right click and use the Open facility successfully but
> would prefer to be able to just click on the URL.
> Would you expect Locallink to have solved my problem or have I missed
> something/done something wrong?

LocalLink solves the problem by giving you those context menu entries,
which worked in your case. In principle I could change LocalLink so that
ordinary clicks on local links would work, but I consider that
dangerous. The fact that the checkload uri preference has been
effectively removed goes to show that I'm not alone with that opinion.

I see two options for you:

1) Use LocalLink and the context menu.

2) Use the new CAPS feature: Using CAPS preferences you can allow
certain websites to open local links. A quick glance at Zilverline gives
me the impression that it's one single website which would need access
to your local files, and that's the perfect scenario for CAPS.


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