[Locallink] Local file link problems

kanda.rose at tesco.net kanda.rose at tesco.net
Tue May 22 08:28:53 PDT 2007

I have been trying to implement Zilverline (index and search on a web site) but consistently fail to be able to open a local document (File:/// etc.....)by clicking on a retrieved URL.

I am running Mozilla Firefox
Tomcat 6.0.13
JVM 1.6.0_01-B06
XP  Home Sp2

I tried installing the Locallink extension but this had no effect. I have also changed 'security checkload uri 'to false in about:config at the suggestion of the Zilverline developer (also with no effect).

I am able to right click and use the Open facility successfully but would prefer to be able to just click on the URL.

Would you expect Locallink to have solved my problem or have I missed something/done something wrong?

Any comments would gratefully received.
Thank you

Keith Rose

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