[Locallink] LocalLink extension - UNC paths

Michael J Gruber locallink-owner at mozdev.org
Wed May 23 07:14:20 PDT 2007

Manuel Buser venit, vidit, dixit 08.05.2007 19:03:
> Hi Michael
> The LocalLink extension is great. However I experience an issue with UNC
> paths (Windows servers): Here, file://servername/myshare/myfile.txt does
> not work. Instead, we need file://///servername/myshare/myfile.txt.
> (yes, five slashes!)
> Do you this can be changed?
> Manuel from Switzerland

Hi there,

sorry for the long delay. I hoped to have a Windows box available for
testing but still don't have any. I yet have to reactivate an external
drive which hosts my virtual machines.

Looking at the code of LocalLink, I don't think that the extension
introduces this behaviour. If you put your links into local files (so
that you can use ordinary clicks, without my extension) then the same
slash mania should be required for links to work.

I think it's due to the general scheme for URLs:


In your case, host is left empty, you could use localhost as well. UNC
paths themselves are of the form //server/share/restofthepath. All of
this together adds up to 5 slashes in the beginning.


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