[Locallink] Please update this to run under Foxfire 1.5

Volker Kleinschmidt vkleinschmidt at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 09:57:10 EST 2006

Thanks for your response, and for your willingness to work on this.
I very much understand the pressures of work and family - I am working
80 hour weeks these days, and hardly see my family anymore. I just
wanted to point out that there are many users relying on this
extension, and that it is a significant factor in making Firefox a
viable browser choice. I find it mindboggling that some Mozilla
developers still have the attitude that they're making the browser
work in the way they feel it should work, without much regard for what
the users actually need and want. But that's a different topic...

I unfortunately don't know much about Mozilla extension development,
or the behind-the-scenes differences of the various versions. I
personally think that the full suite is pretty much falling by the
wayside as a client choice, for various reasons such as size,
interface clutter, media hype, name, and the general feeling that you
can get where you need to be more quickly and easily with Firefox and
Thunderbird. I still like Mozilla for some extra customizability, and
of course some users rely on the editor, but it's not ever going to be
a dominant browser. That's also why our company officially supports
Firefox and Netscape, but not Mozilla (though of course they have
mostly the same issues). So I think supporting Mozilla isn't really
that important, it's more a would-be-nice, if it's easy to do in the
same step as updating the tool for Fx 1.5. Oh, and Fx 2.0 is looming


On 3/2/06, Michael J Gruber <locallink-owner at mozdev.org> wrote:
> Volker Kleinschmidt venit, vidit, dixit 2006-03-02 10:59:
> > Michael,
> >
> > I respectfully submit that the reason there were no other requests
> > about LocalLink is likely that it just worked, and worked beautifully,
> > easily, and behind the scenes, so people tended to forget about its
> > existence.
> >
> > However, with Firefox 1.5 it no longer works. Worse, the global policy
> > to allow local links has also been removed, and people have to resort
> > again to manually editing a preferences file to turn on this
> > capability on a per-site basis. For somebody needing this option for a
> > lot of sites that gets incredibly tedious, but most people won't ever
> > even dare to make these manual edits.
> >
> > I have read bugzilla-discussions about this topic until I fell over
> > with boredom, over and over again. The people making these decisions
> > may think about security, but not about people. The average browser
> > user is hopelessly overwhelmed at the mere mention of the word
> > Notepad. There is no way in this world (not even when hell is long
> > frozen over) that one can expect regular run-of-the-mill users to make
> > these edits in their prefs file or even via inspectors or other
> > convoluted interfaces. It is hard enough to get them to understand the
> > need to right-click. I would have thought I was breaking through open
> > doors with that comment, given that you wrote the extension in the
> > first place, but since you are talking about the CAPS system that
> > doesn't seem to be true after all.
> >
> > I work in tech support for Blackboard, the large eLearning server
> > software provider, and our (and of course also our competitor's!)
> > users constantly run into the problem that they cannot access files on
> > the CDs they bought/received for their classes via the links provided
> > by their instructors or 3rd-party content developers. Content
> > developers tend to use IE, where this works, and links to local
> > content from remote sites are a fact of life that one cannot simply
> > discuss away. There is a need for this stuff, and your extension
> > beautifully fulfilled this need for average non-technical computer
> > users. I consider the existence of this extension one of the main
> > reasons to use Firefox over the complete Mozilla application suite.
> >
> > So I and our users would really appreciate it if you would update this
> > to work with modern Firefox versions, and for the Mozilla suite as
> > well, if possible.
> >
> > --Volker
> Volker,
> You're certainly right with your assumptions regarding ordinary users. I
> wish we had a reasonable GUI for CAPS, something like IE's zones. Then
> users could simply click on links instead of using a context menu.
> I do plan to adjust LL to FF 1.5. I'm sorry I haven't got around to
> doing it so far. It's partly because it seemed to me that nobody is
> using it, partly because I'm not using it either, but mostly because of
> lack of time - I've got a job and a family, and neither involve Firefox
> extensions ;)
> To be more explicit, I also plan to change what I called "automagic
> localization" because it seems to break with every FF/TB update.
> What version of the Mozilla suite are you interested in? 1.7 is stable
> but old, and Seamonkey is in a state of transition. I'm not sure which
> one to support.
> So, in short, private communication with the OP convinced me to continue
> LL, I just have to find time to do it.
> Michael
> >> San Giovanni, John Paul venit, vidit, dixit 12/06/05 17:42:
> >>> To Whom It May Concern...
> >>>
> >>> We have found this extension particularly helpful in using Blackboard
> >>> for our online courses.  Please update for Firefox 1.5.
> >>>
> >>> John-Paul
> >> Hi J-P
> >>
> >> This is the first LL related post in ages, I thought nobody is using
> >> this extension (except for that colleague of mine I wrote it for).
> >>
> >> I considered terminating the development of LL because the new
> >> "capabilities" feature of firefox can be used instead. Please describe
> >> your special usage pattern, and I will try and recommend a solution to you.
> >>
> >> Cheers,
> >> Michael

Volker Kleinschmidt
Client Support Engineer
Blackboard Client Support

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