[Livehttpheaders] shortcut @ mac

kontakt | florian kuhlmann kontakt at floriankuhlmann.com
Fri Mar 21 00:52:07 PDT 2008

dear developers,

i am not subscribed to the list, so please im per pm in case its needed.

first of all i want to congratulate you to this really great tool,  
livehttpheaders is one of the coolest plugins i use.
big respect!

i just would like to make one advise: would it be possible to change  
the shortcut to another key, at the moment the shortcut for livehttp  
is the as the @-symbol on the mac.
its not possible to enter email-adresses in webforms without copy-and- 
paste the @-symbol from a textfile into the formfield anymore.
it would be really really great if you could discuss and think about  
this change.

thanx fpr your great work,

best regards

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