[Livehttpheaders] FW: cURL & HTTP Live Headers + Overview

Nathan nathan at cruzeo.com
Tue Jul 22 17:13:45 PDT 2008

Hey mod, 


Can you change my email from httpliveheaders at cruzeo.com to nathan at cruzeo.com


This one is the one I actually want to use. the other one I can't
necessarily reply to as it's a catch-all.




From: Nathan [mailto:nathan at cruzeo.com] 
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Subject: cURL & HTTP Live Headers + Overview


1.     Are there any good tutorials on using HTTP Live Headers and coding in
PHP, specifically using the cURL method? I searched high and low with no
results. I imagine this more of a common question because the two are so
well matched.


2.     Is there some basic guide on how to read the information I see in
HTTP Live Header or just a basic *use* tutorial that would explains some of
this stuff.?  I'm just looking for an overview nothing detailed, the more
detailed the better.





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