[Livehttpheaders] method use to display http header

Wang Hock Seng wanghs at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 15 00:05:39 PDT 2008

Hi Expert,

I want know what is the method the livehttphearder to retrieve http header. I found there are different when I use livehttpheader and compare with the  viewhttpheader jsp program (see attached) to retrieve http header. 

My application is using SUN Access Manager Policy Agent and I have defined a profile attribute (which is from the LDAP server) to be retrieve via http header.  So when I use the viewhttpheader.jsp, I'm able to view the profile attribute output in this jsp page but not via livehttpheader plugin?

For your information that Profile (LDAP) attributes as HTTP
headers can be retrieved using the following methods on
the javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest interface:
java.util.Enumeration getHeaderNames()

May I know what method is using to retrieve http header using livehttpheader tool?
Can any tell me why?

Many thanks


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