[Livehttpheaders] Abandoned? The Future of LiveHTTPHeaders

Nikolas Coukouma atrus at atrus.org
Fri Apr 11 15:14:02 PDT 2008

notes at mozdev.org wrote:
> http://livehttpheaders.mozdev.org/suggestions.html#c446
> Has this project been abandoned?  Someone needs to take on this extension and update it for an official build download.
Effectively, yes ... I got commit access from Daniel Savard in order to
make a LHH release for the last major Firefox release. Since then, I've
made some effort to
1) make the extension easier to find (by adding it to addons.mozilla.org)
2) add translations for various languages (courtesy of the translators
at Babelzilla)
3) fix the bugs (both old and regression in newer versions)
4) add some of the simpler features that have been requested

1 and 2 went well. 3 got partially done; the core feature set works in
FF2, but many important bugs have remained unfixed. 4 hasn't happened at

I apologize to the many users of this extension for not being a better
maintainer. Sadly, I've lacked the motivation to push out a new release
(although the pending FF3 release has bumped it up on my list of things
to do).

Most of my lack of motivation is due to the codebase being old 'n crufty
(really needs cleanup) and practically untestable (so many supported
versions and no automated tests). My normal response would be an
incremental refactoring of the code, but the version and testing mess
makes it incredibly difficult to do this without breaking all sorts of
things. This isn't the fault of anyone in particular; it's pretty
natural with long-term, ad-hoc development. The other problem is that
I'm not comfortable with taking full control of a project I still view
as owned by Daniel.

My current plan is to make a few patches so the extension at least keeps
it's current level of functionality in FF3 and release that.

LHH 1.x will remain on life support while I (hopefully) work on a
complete rewrite and redesign (call it LHH 2). The core functionality of
LHH is pretty simple and can be placed in a couple services, which can
form an API. The current UI should simply call that API and have very
little logic in it. Compartmentalizing everything also means that people
could write extensions to LHH, adding the various advanced functionality
they want, without needing to write a whole lot of code or touch the
core of LHH. The API should be pretty easy to test. The UI will be
harder to test and more fragile, but it will hopefully also be very
simple (so breaks will be easy to fix).

Once LHH 2 is ready for general use and comparable to LHH 1 in features
(whenever that is), I'd like to stop maintaining LHH 1; existing
versions should remain available, but there won't be any updates.

Of course, all of this is predicated on me sitting down, going through
the patches I know are in bugzilla, and writing more code. Here's what
I'll try to do in the next week (so by 4/18), and you can kick me if it
doesn't happen:
* go through bugzilla, merge duplicate bugs and collect patches
(applying might have to wait a bit so I can review, resolve  conflicts,
* set up a new site, for the LHH 2 project, and at least post a roadmap
(code would be nice, but making LHH 1 work with FF3 is higher priority
at the moment)
The major goal of the new site will be making it easier for others to
contribute. As it stands, I don't even get bugzilla e-mails unless I add
myself to each new bug and the RSS feed isn't terribly helpful. If
you're interested in helping out and have suggestions, feel free to
contact me (either on- or off-list). I'm definitely interested in having
more than one maintainer, to avoid the kind of stagnation that's
happened repeatedly.

Again, I apologize for the current state of things. Comments on my plans
are more than welcome.

-Nikolas Coukouma
LiveHTTPHeaders maintainer apparent

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