[Livehttpheaders] collapse/expand display of headers

Kai Bolay kai at bolay.de
Fri Feb 23 15:52:18 PST 2007


In order to make navigation easier I think it should be possible to 
"collapse" the display of each request/response to just the request URL by 
hitting a small "-" icon. Expanding would work with a "+" icon (like in a 
tree view). Of course there should also be an option to "collapse all" and 
"expand all".

Maybe this can even be achieved with a fancy style sheet. Unfortunately I'm 
not a CSS expert, so I can't do this myself.

It'd be great if someone could add that. It'd make finding the request one 
is looking for much, much easier.

   Thanks, Kai

PS: Taking this even further, one could imagine yet another "toggle" control 
which would (in addition to "just" the headers) show the complete response. 
IE's Fiddler (http://fiddlertool.com/) has that functionality and it comes 
in handy sometimes.

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