[Livehttpheaders] Livehttpheaders: feedback from intuitor

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Thu Feb 22 15:35:13 PST 2007


For the Mac and Alt+L problem, you can do this:
1. Extract the content of the livehttpheaders-0.13.1.xpi, it's just a ZIP archive
2. Navigate to chrome\livehttpheaders.jar
3. Extract the content of the livehttpheaders.jar, it's a ZIP archive too
4. Edit the following lines from the file content\tasksOverlay.xul,


you can change the key 'L' to whatever you think is appropriate. Alternatively you can change the key modifier.
5. Replace file tasksOverlay.xul in livehttpheaders.jar and then replace the whole livehttpheaders.jar within livehttpheaders-0.13.1.xpi
6. Reinstall the extension

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