[Livehttpheaders] Modifying POST data

christ1an ch0012 at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 23 05:19:04 PDT 2007


I am actively working with LiveHttpHeaders but there is one thing I
find extremely annoying. That is modifying the post data when
repeating a request.

Right now it is possible to do so by editing the actual post string,
which of course is not very comfortable, especially if you have a lot of
variables and need to change / find one in particular.

This feature could be improved with simple textfields the default
value of which would be the urldecoded (for the sake of usability)
post value:

Var1 - [textfield] value of variable 1
Var2 - [textfield] value of variable 2

On submit these of course need to be urlencoded again.

What do you think?

Christian Matthies

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