[Livehttpheaders] OT: how to export a lot of objects?

JohnnyRun gianni79 at gamebox.net
Fri Mar 4 14:35:06 EST 2005

Hi all!
I'm tring to write an extension for firefox.
For statistical purpose I would like to export in an external file as
much information as possible on the actual navigation (headers, url,
content, tag number, window number, and so on).
Using Dom inspector I can find a lot of thing but I can't export it out.
I see that in livehttpheaders there is a function to dump and save an
object to a file.
Can I use it to dump all the document and networking object to a file?
I hope so but, where can I find an object list of it?
And another thing: can I find the response and request header in
DOM inspector?

I'm tring to find a way to operate...
If u can suggest me a read or some article, you will help me a lot.
Thanks and regards..


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