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It should be possible quite easily to add the ability to write to a log in "Common Log" format, as described here:

http: // www.w3.org / Daemon/User/Config/Logging.html#common-logfile-format

For example: - .admin.acme - [03/Aug/1999:12:07:14 +0000] "GET http://support.novell.com/ HTTP/1.0" 200 28850

P Address - The IP address used by the client 

Authenticated User Name - The name of the user on the client machine

Date - The date on which the request was made 

Time - The time of day at which the request was made (for example, 12:07:41)

Time Zone - The time zone on the server at which the request was made, as an offset from Greenwich Mean Time (for example, +0000)

HTTP Request - HTTP requests commonly seen in logs are:

GET (read a page or entity within a page)
HEAD (obtain the header information for a page)
POST (submit the results of a form)

URL - The URL of the site being accessed, including the domain name and the full path within the site (for example, http://support.novell.com/images/support_nav_bar.gif)

HTTP Version - The version of HTTP used by the requesting entity (this will always be "HTTP/1.x")

Status Code - A number which indicates whether or not the request made by the client has been successful.

File Size - The size of the file in bytes.
This would also satisfy many of the requests asking for info about the size of the page and other elements.

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