[Livehttpheaders] Livehttpheaders: feedback from QuickNEasy

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Sat Sep 18 11:48:41 EDT 2004


If there are no issues with the change suggested by Pete (above) any chances of a quick release with the supported version bumped a little higher ?

Obviously now that I have read how to fix it myself, I'll give it a try (and live with what I get...)

Great tool by the way

As other people have suggested it might sometimes be useful to have some of the information collapsed so it doesn't clutter the screen

Maybe a feature similar to the capture one that allows more things to be captured, but instead of a full header display just display the url with a clickable tag to expand the information manually

Just a thought, as that would be really useful with images/css/js

Another useful addition would be to be able to right click on the url and open it in a tab or external editor (if it was still in the browser cache)

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