[Livehttpheaders] Livehttpheaders: New Feedback from cyphunk

notes at mozdev.org notes at mozdev.org
Wed May 5 07:14:40 EDT 2004


I've added the capability to Exclude items from results much like the include regexp.  Well, exactly the same infact.  This way I can define that I only want to see requests from xyz.com but that I dont want to see requests for .jpg|gif|ico. 

I'd be willing to migrate this code to the trunk if the developer or someone would give me a pointer to where to get started.  

Note: I have one location bug after changing the code.  The Overlay .xul has trouble finding the title of the application now.  Odd.  I've changed it to static text and that fixed the problem but this should be solved before and if I were merge my code to the trunk.

(email me: cyphunk (>a^t<} bsd {dot) org.il)

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