[Livehttpheaders] Livehttpheaders: New Feedback from Joel Fouse

notes at mozdev.org notes at mozdev.org
Fri Aug 8 14:43:16 EDT 2003


This is a great idea, and I'm glad someone's taken the time to implement it.

One suggestion about the "Replay" button -- make it disabled unless something is chosen to replay.  If I click Replay right after a page has loaded, nothing happens.  Once I click somewhere in the header for a specific object, though, Replay will bring up the replay window for that object.  Disabling it when the user hasn't chosen a specific object to replay would also fix this bug: if I click on Replay right after opening the LiveHTTPHeaders window (when the header display field is blank), mozilla freezes and the cpu maxes out and stays there.  Sure, it's user error, but the interface can help prevent that.

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