[LibX] isbn linking to wrong bookmarklet

Karlsen, Jeffrey KarlseJ at scc.losrios.edu
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Oh, of course you'd need that sort of info to diagnose, sorry for not sending it initially:

LibX version: 2.0.15694.0

Any page with an ISBN will do, but it's nice to look at an Amazon page because you see that the cue links properly to the OPAC while the ISBN goes to EDS... so here's an arbitrarily chosen Amazon page:

Thanks so much for the help!


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Share your edition id and a page on which you observe this behavior so we can see the issue.

We've made a fair amount of changes to autolinking ISBNs - particularly to better integrate Summon libraries - so it's possible we've changed something.  It's also possible that you're using xISBN and you've changed your settings with OCLCs (that's actually more likely, IMO).

 - Godmar

On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 3:37 PM, Karlsen, Jeffrey <KarlseJ at scc.losrios.edu<mailto:KarlseJ at scc.losrios.edu>> wrote:
Previously, autolinked ISBNs went to my OPAC (iii/millennium), which is listed first in my "Catalogs & Databases" list. Recently, however, they started being sent to EBSCO Discovery Service, which is listed second. Still worse, the linking doesn't work: instead of returning a keyword search for the ISBN (I don't have ISBN search enabled for EDS) it seems to send a blank query and returns all EDS records... What determines which catalog/database the ISBN autolinks use? Everything else seems to be working more or less correctly.

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