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Wed Jan 2 19:29:22 PST 2013

Share your edition id and a page on which you observe this behavior so we
can see the issue.

We've made a fair amount of changes to autolinking ISBNs - particularly to
better integrate Summon libraries - so it's possible we've changed
something.  It's also possible that you're using xISBN and you've changed
your settings with OCLCs (that's actually more likely, IMO).

 - Godmar

On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 3:37 PM, Karlsen, Jeffrey <KarlseJ at scc.losrios.edu>wrote:

> Previously, autolinked ISBNs went to my OPAC (iii/millennium), which is
> listed first in my "Catalogs & Databases" list. Recently, however, they
> started being sent to EBSCO Discovery Service, which is listed second.
> Still worse, the linking doesn't work: instead of returning a keyword
> search for the ISBN (I don't have ISBN search enabled for EDS) it seems to
> send a blank query and returns all EDS records... What determines which
> catalog/database the ISBN autolinks use? Everything else seems to be
> working more or less correctly.
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