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Grolimund Raphaël raphael.grolimund at epfl.ch
Sat May 5 23:59:42 PDT 2012

Hi Godmar,

Thanks for your answer.

a) I'll send you the translation of the browser.json file.
b) how do you want me to provide you the translation? Directly, inside the .tmpl file? In the localized message.json? Or in a oether file?

Best regards,

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A question for Brian is at the end.

On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 8:55 AM, Grolimund Raphaël <raphael.grolimund at epfl.ch<mailto:raphael.grolimund at epfl.ch>> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I wonder how to translate LibX prefs panel (in French, in my case). I’ve been digging in the libx file tree to find files to located and found these files:

Values are hardcoded. If a modify these files and add translation in the messages.json on file will the translation work ?
Or am I missing something ?

The values are not hardcoded (at least, they shouldn't be. If you find one that is, let us know asap).

LibX's i18n is described in Brian's thesis, section 5.2.3 available here: http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/theses/available/etd-12202011-204944/unrestricted/Nicholson_BR_T_2011.pdf

You need to provide:

a) a translation of http://libx.org/libx2/libx2-git/src/base/bootstrapped/preferences/builtin/locales/en_US/browser.json

b) for the .tmpl files you've mentioned, such as http://libx.org/libx2/libx2-git/src/base/bootstrapped/preferences/templates/libx.prefs.tmpl a translation of the locale block:

        "browser_tabname" :     { "message" : "Browser" },
        "browser_tooltip" :     { "message" : "Preferences related to the browser interface" },
        "contextmenu_tabname" : { "message" : "Context Menu" },
        "contextmenu_tooltip" : { "message" : "Change which search options appear when right-clicking on a page" },
        "libapps_tabname" :     { "message" : "Libapps" },
        "libapps_tooltip" :     { "message" : "Add/remove packages and configure current libapps" },
        "developer_tabname" :   { "message" : "Developer" },
        "developer_tooltip" :   { "message" : "Cache and libapp information" },
        "about_tabname" :       { "message" : "About" },
        "about_tooltip" :       { "message" : "See the authors of LibX" }

Ok - Brian - I was rereading 5.2.3 in your thesis, but could you please remind me why we decided on the embedding for the user layout files vs. the external files for builtin.tmpl?  It seems embedding is harded to maintain, e.g., we can't use something like http://libx.org/libx2/libx2-git/src/base/translate.php?locale=fr

 - Godmar

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