[LibX] Testing 2.0 Revisions

Chris Gray cpgray at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Mar 20 13:30:19 PDT 2012

How do I test a 2.0 revision before making it live?

Since updating to 2.0, the "Revision Test Page" link now takes me to a 
download page not a testing page.  On this page, the link to install the 
testing revision gives a page not found error.

Before I upgraded to 2.0, the test page link took me to a page where I 
could test the revision before making it live.  There was a link sending 
me to the page I should now use for testing but after updating to 2.0 
there is no clear way to get there.

I just discovered that if I build a new edition from scratch, the 
"Revision Test Page" link now takes me to the new testing page.  This 
helped me realize that I could get to the new testing page from the old 
one by changing download.php to downloadlibx2.php in the URL.

I just may stick with the new edition from scratch.

Chris Gray
Systems Analyst
519-888-3456, ext. 35764
cpgray at uwaterloo.ca
University of Waterloo

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