[LibX] user's suggestions about the Libx 2.0 toolbar

Mei Ling Lo mlo at rutgers.edu
Fri Jun 29 21:31:28 PDT 2012


I received an email from a user who has obviously spent a lot of time using the toolbar.  I find his suggestions and comments very valid and would like to share with the developers of Libx 2.0.  The user appreciates the toolbar very much, but would like to see the following changes made to the toolbar.

1.	 After conducting a search in the library catalog using more than the field “keywords”, we find that the search fields stay on the screen, even after we move to Google Scholar.  This is not a big deal. Yet, even if I do not type anything in the author field, the string “Author:” will be automatically inserted into the search strategy.  If I type “ADHD” in the keywords field and leave the author field blank, the search strategy would become “ADHD author:” The word “author:” is redundant, but it triggers Google Scholar to search the word ADHD and the word author.  The search results are therefore skewed.

2.	The “Reset field” button is a bit misleading.  Instead of “resetting” the fields to “blank”, it will remove all the other fields and only leave “keywords” there. If I want to remove a field, I would have clicked on the “X” to remove the field.  Most of the time, when I fill out a form on other websites, the “reset” button really means resetting “the value to blank”, not removing the fields.

3.	Most of our users do not know that there is a drop-down menu for our library catalog, Electronic journal lists and Google Scholar.  How about having a standard down-arrow triangle next to each option to indicate that it is a drop-down menu?  

Please let me know if you have any questions about our comments.
Thank you.

Mei Ling Lo
mlo at rutgers.edu
Rutgers University Libraries

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