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Please ignore my last message... Not sure why it went out today - I had sent it early last week. Didn't put enough postage on, I guess.

Anyway, I checked on Friday, and it's working great now.


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Hi, Godmar,

That’s great news, and I’m excited to see what’s coming.  LibX 2.0 on Chrome works just great!

But we’ve hit a major glitch with LibX 2.0 on Firefox at MIT, though…  I had it working in Firefox with no problems, but I needed to uninstall it one day last week.  Then I reinstalled it, and after I dragged the LibX 2.0 button into my toolbar, when I click on it, absolutely nothing happens.  No errors, just nothing happens.  We’ve had 2 users report the same behavior.  I’m using FF 9.0.1 on a PC.

Is this a known issue?

Thanks a lot!

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just a heads up that there's a "Upgrade to 2.0" button in the edition builder that allows you to upgrade your users to 2.0. Please note that this button is 'hot' in that it doesn't prompt you for any confirmation. Once pressed, you can't go back to 1.5. Users will "see" an available update, and they'll go to 2.0 (in Firefox, we don't have LibX 2.0 for IE). The edition that they have activated should automatically activate itself post installation.

We believe 2.0 has been tested long enough to warrant a "soft" roll-out. This upgrade button is the first piece; an updated website and download page are to follow, as well as revisions to the libapps and, finally, the ability for you to do your own.

 - Godmar

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