[LibX] [NEW LIBAPP] Get Full-Text papers on ieeexplore.ieee.org (when off-campus)

Rupinder Paul rupen at cs.vt.edu
Fri Feb 17 15:24:02 PST 2012

Hi Everyone,

We have a new libapp, added to the default LibX 2.0 Core feed.

New Libapp "Get full-text on IEEExplore" - (To view use this link:
http://libx.org/libx2/libx2-git/src/libappdisplay/ )

Scenario: When you're off-campus and searching for particular research
paper linking to ieeexplore.ieee.org. When you click to view that
particular paper, ieeexplore.ieee.org directs you to its "abstract-only,
login-to-view-full-text" webpage.

The way, one would land on this "abstract-only, login-to-view-full-text"
webpage is, either you clicked on the internet-search result hit of
IEEExplore or when searching directly in http://ieeexplore.ieee.org's
search-box (for that research paper). This behavior is normal of IEEExplore
when you're off-campus. In case you're on-campus, the behavior of
IEEExplore website is to direct you to full-text url (,which ever way you
had landed on that research paper webpage).

Feature: This libapp inserts "Get full-text" named link (see attachment),
clicking on which re-directs the user (via the installed LibX 2.0 edition's
primary proxy such as ezproxy) to IEEExplore's full-text url.

Note: Provided your edition is subscribed to default LibX Core Package; You
might need to clear your browser cache, incase you're unable to see this
libapp in our new "Libapps Display" explorer (found in LibX2.0
 preferences->libapps or directly go to
http://libx.org/libx2/libx2-git/src/libappdisplay/ ).

To see this libapp in action use this (example) link :

If you have questions/suggestions or run in to any problems, please let me

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