[LibX] Requesting ideas for new Libapps and suggestions to improve existing

Rupinder Paul rupen at cs.vt.edu
Fri Feb 17 16:20:17 PST 2012

Hi Everyone,

This entire spring semester, among several things we're also trying to give
a major face-lift to LibX Core Package feed (
http://libx.org/libx2/libx2-git/src/libappdisplay/). Not only will we be
improving the current Libapps, but adding many more cool Libapps for our
users. We also would like to request the LibX community to suggest us new
ideas & suggestions for Libapps.

Our aim for LibX Core Package is to develop Libapps that are useful to all
our users, nonetheless if you have any suggestions that are specific to you
or your edition's use-case, please don't hesitate to mention those as well
and we can together explore a way to accomodate them.

We look forward to reading your ideas & suggestions. And if you have any
questions regarding libapps (in general), please do let us know.

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