[LibX] LibX 2.0 and Firefox 6, Chrome

Brian Nicholson brn at vt.edu
Tue Nov 1 12:25:01 PDT 2011

> Can you offer an update on the release status of LibX 2.0?  I can’t seem
> to access a developer mode for 2.0 any longer and don’t see a way to
> customize it using the regular edition builder.  Sorry if I missed an
> e-mail somewhere that explains this.

We are in the process of updating the Edition Builder to be compatible with
LibX 2.0.  This should be the final step before the release.

You can access the Developer tab by going to About and selecting "Show
developer tab".  This tab is hidden by default since typical end-users will
not need need the developer features in this tab.

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> ** **
> LibX 2.0 installs on Chrome but various things don’t work, such as context
> menus and cues.

Which version of LibX are you using?  You can find this in the About tab of
the LibX popup.

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> LibX 2.0 will not install in Firefox 6 using this url -
> http://libx.org/releases/ff/libx2-20100716.xpi  (That’s the only link I
> have to install 2.0) – because it says it’s not compatible.

The latest version of LibX 2.0 is available at http://libx.org/releases/.

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