[LibX] LibX 2.0 and Firefox 6, Chrome

Debbie Flitner Debbie.Flitner at asu.edu
Tue Nov 1 11:34:43 PDT 2011

Hello folks,

Can you offer an update on the release status of LibX 2.0?  I can't seem to access a developer mode for 2.0 any longer and don't see a way to customize it using the regular edition builder.  Sorry if I missed an e-mail somewhere that explains this.

LibX 2.0 installs on Chrome but various things don't work, such as context menus and cues.

LibX 2.0 will not install in Firefox 6 using this url - http://libx.org/releases/ff/libx2-20100716.xpi  (That's the only link I have to install 2.0) - because it says it's not compatible.

I was really excited about LibX 2.0 and am hoping that it will be ready for release soon.


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