[LibX] FF5 / LibX2.0

Campbell, James (jmc) jmc at virginia.edu
Mon Jun 27 10:56:48 PDT 2011

Two unrelated issues.

1.    Thursday I did an update to satisfy a couple of users who had moved to FF5. It updated normally but was not 5.0 compatible..

Friday I did a larger update to deal with our Blacklight catalog and take out 360 Search. That still has not shown up as an update in Firefox. It shows up in the Builder as live and I've installed it new in FF5 where it works fine, but I can't get it to update from an existing version. I know updates can take a while, but it seems like 3 days ought to be enough.

2.    I set up our Blacklight catalog as a bookmarklet catalog. It's working fine in 1.5 but in 2.0 instead of searching for the term the search is rendered as the whole JOIN string, e.g., it searches for %JOIN{}{Y|filbert}{t|}{jt|}{a|}{d|}{i|}{is|%is} Is this a 2.0 bug or a Jim Campbell bug?

      - Jim Campbell

      Digital Access Librarian | Librarian for German
      University of Virginia Library | Charlottesville, VA 22904-4112

      513 Alderman | campbell at virginia.edu | 434-924-4985

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